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<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; For those of you out there too young to remember, IRON EYES CODY was the famous crying Indian in those old trash commercials.&nbsp; IRON EYES would paddle down a trash infested river, then be shown with a tear running down his face--quit effective.&nbsp; Well, today I went out for a 9 mile run and ended up running on the LIE service road between exits 49 and 53.<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; As I started my run, I noticed a discarded innnertube and innertube box on the side of the road.&nbsp; It really ticked me off and I thought to myself how obnoxious and egocentric the idiot who left the tube and box there must be.&nbsp; It also embarrassed me being a triathlete/roadie so I had to pick it up.&nbsp; <br />&nbsp; &nbsp; On I went.&nbsp; I started to notice trash everywhere and made mental notes of all the jackasses who have no problem making the world their trash can.&nbsp; Before I continue, you should all know that I am no tree huggin lunitic with some half baked political angle here.&nbsp; However, is it too much to ask to run four steps without seeing someone&#039;s beer can or Dunkin Donuts cup?<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Well, here is what I found, besides bike riders, the following groups of people bring a tear to the eye of IRON EYES SEVENRIDE:<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; 1.&nbsp; The beer drinkers:&nbsp; I observed Bud cans, Bud light cans, Miller MGD cans, Corona bottles, Miller light cans, Bud quart bottles, Amstel light bottles, coors light cans, coor light card board case...it&#039;s ashamed that these visigoths don&#039;t even drink good beer.&nbsp; I did not see any of my beloved Bells beer bottles out there, that&#039;s for sure;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; 2.&nbsp; The smokers:&nbsp; Observed camel packs, salem packs, marlboro packs, marlboro light packs, newport packs and hundreds of cig buts...there&#039;s going to be a lot of poor souls with lung cancer on LI;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; 3.&nbsp; The soda drinkers:&nbsp; pepsi cans, diet pepsi cans, coke cans, diet coke cans, mountain dew cans, sprite cans, Dr Pepper cans, sierra mist cans, one liter coke bottle, sunkist can...a lot of rotten teeth out there;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; 4.&nbsp; The Fast food eaters:&nbsp; Observed KFC boxes and wrappers, McDonalds wrappers, Taco Bell wrappers, checkers wrappers, Burger King wrappers...a lot of fat people out there;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; 5.&nbsp; The Coffee Drinkers:&nbsp; Observed 7-11 cups, Dunkin Donuts cups and Starbucks cups;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; Additionally I saw a pair of red white and blue g-string panties with a condom about a hundred yards away(yes it was ribbed for her pleasure), a front door, a dresser, tar buckets, grass in green plastic bags, broken cell phones, plastic forks, metal spoon, dog crap, a black belt, broken sun glasses, broken pen, a sock, a bandanna, a do rag, plastic oil containers, air freshener, a hair brush, someones jeans, a glove, apple core, someone&#039;s phone bill, a plastic flower, dirty paper towels, etc. etc. etc....do you get the picture, very sad indeed.&nbsp; Moral of the story, take your used tubes with you!!!!!! <br />
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Re: TODAY I REALLY FELT IRON EYES CODY 5 Years, 11 Months ago  
Now that was hysterical. A sad commentary, but it gave me quite the giggle! Thanks!
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&quot;It&#39;s never crowded along the extra mile.&quot;
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