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Welcome to SBRLI

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Welcome to Long Island's newest multisport community. Our ongoing goal is to be the best site to get all Long Island's multisport information. With the help from you and the local community, we strive to become an online enrich community where all your questions can be answered. We're just starting out, information is far from complete. That's where you come in. If you love to write and want to contribute to the site, please write an article that complements this site. Race reports are another great way to share you experiences with other people too. They might even pick up a tip or two. Not much of a writer, but love to give advice or opinions?  Participate in our online forum. Yes, it might be slow now, but hopefully word will get out and more community members will join. This leads me asking you; please help spread the word about SBRLI.com. What do we have to offer?  A great place were local members can talk, write, chat, and even meet up with other members for training runs. What's better then getting local information and advice by your friendly neighbors?  Really, how bad is that hill you need to climb during the Tobay Triathlon? Just ask and someone should give you first hand experience of that hill. From race reports to an event calendar, it's easy to find a local race to fit your needs. Don't know where races take place, just click on the map and it will pin point the race location. Have an awesome photo of you tearing it up on the course or want to show off your ride, within the forum there's a gallery where you can post photos. Are we here to stay? Hope so. There are future plans of expanding our offerings making SBRLI the place for Long Island's Multisport Community. Hope you enjoy the site and decide to participate.
Thanks for stopping by. - Jeff